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The Dahana Evidence in Running the Ethical Business

The existence of Ethics in a life is absolute. Because ethics will be an important corridor in determining a person's step, so that the person is able to consider its goodness and badness.

Ethics will mean broadly, if it is associated with an institution or company. For a company, ethics are also very dominant to be practiced, especially regarding to the company's products and services as conducted by PT Dahana (Limited Company). As a government-owned company, the competition is a common thing, but it can be said to be abnormal if it violates ethics.

Talking about ethics in business, recently Dahana won ethical compliance certificates. Yes, the Certificate of Ethics Compliance is a certificate which is given by consumers in the form of their appreciation toward the producers in implementing ethical business, i.e. business without violating the provisions of law or decency in business, for example, the matter of corruption.

PT Vico Indonesia, Dahana clients, provide Certificate of Ethics Compliance. Dahana obtains the certificate through surveys and questionnaires and Dahana reality in conducting the  business with Vico Indonesia. According to Nazril, General Manager of the Division of Oil and Gas PT Dahana, the appreciation has a very great meaning for Dahana, where Dahana is considered to conduct business in accordance with the provisions and procedures which are desired by Vico Indonesia. "This is a value added to Dahana in conducting the business with consumers," he said. Meanwhile, for Vico Indonesia, Dahana is considered to have commitment in the application of ethical compliance which is a top priority in strengthening and embedding compliance and anti-bribery and corruption practices of the company. So it makes that Dahana deserve to get a certificate.

The Certificate of Ethics Compliance which is obtained by Dahana takes effect from November, 16th  2011 until 15 November 2014. It is not easy to obtain the certificate. Many things have been done by Dahana especially in convincing consumers, like providing information to consumers that Dahana have implemented good corporate government (GCG), running business processes according to rules and regulations which are imposed by the consumer and conducting a professional business. And the results are quite satisfactory, Dahana finally declared worthy of the certificate. With the certificate Dahana otherwise comply with the Due Diligence of Ethics Compliance 2012.

Getting the precious certificate do not make Dahana as a state-owned company to be arrogant. The company which is led by Tanto Dirgantoro remains to make changes and improvements. It is done for the existence of Dahana itself. "We have to change at any time, not only proud, but we always do our best for the consumer," said Nazril. Nazril also admitted that Dahana always do improvement according to the condition and desire of consumers.

Hopefully what is obtained by Dahana can be a barometer for Dahana itself to develop the company as a company which hold and uphold the code of ethics. Congratulations to Dahana! (RMT)