Dayagel Seismic

In seismic exploration, the aim is to collect good quality high resolution seismic data for interpretation to provide accurate mapping of structures and identification of stratigraphic features - the first time round!

DAYAGEL SEISMIC is the new generation of seismic explosive. Its advanced water - in - oil structure has been improved to deliver greater velocity of detonation (VOD), greater sensitivity and a longer shelf life.

In addition, DAYAGEL SEISMIC retains all the outstanding features of the previously familiar POWERGEL SEISMIC 3000 product.

Flexibility of Charge Size

DAYAGEL SEISMIC is available in 500 g or 250 g cartridges. The rigid plastic cartridges with positive screw coupling give great flexibility of charge size at the shot hole.

Long Sleeping Times

DAYAGEL SEISMIC has a sleeping time up to 8 weeks in wet shot holes. It can be fired successfully in dry holes several months after being loaded.

Excellent Water Resistance

DAYAGEL SEISMIC has excellent water resistance even in dynamic water situations. The explosive will provide a reliable energy source even in water filled shot holes up to 90 meters deep.

Safety Through Technology

Being a water-in-oil emulsion DAYAGEL SEISMIC is composed of non-explosive ingredients. It has very low sensitivity to mechanical impact yet remains sensitivity to a No. 8 Electric Detonator.


If exposed to fire, DAYAGEL SEISMIC will self extinguish when the source of heat is removed.

Higher Density

DAYAGEL SEISMIC has a higher density so that loading in water filled shot holes becomes faster and more efficient.

Highly Portable

The extreme stability of DAYAGEL SEISMIC makes it particularly suitable for remote seismic surveys, because transportation risks in rugged terrain are greatly reduced.


Cases should be stored in accordance with the instructions printed on each case. Store DAYAGEL SEISMIC in well ventilated magazine suitable licenced for class 1.1 D Explosives. Even in hot tropical climates, DAYAGEL SEISMIC has a shelf life of 12 months.