DAYAGEL PULSAR is a medium strength and robust detonator sensitive emulsion explosive. The product is white in colors with a firm putty-like consistency.


The post detonation fume characteristics of DAYAGEL PULSAR make the product well suited to both underground and surface blasting applications but as with all explosives operators should ensure that adequate ventilation is provided prior to re-entry to the blast site.
While sensitive to initiation by a No. 8 detonator, DAYAGEL PULSAR has very low mechanical impact sensitivity. This impact insensitivity is a very important safety feature.

If exposed to fire, DAYAGEL PULSAR will self extinguish unless a vigorous external source of heat is applied. Whilst DAYAGEL PULSAR does not burn easily, it should be kept clear of flame or excessive heat.

If DAYAGEL PULSAR remnants are to be destroyed by burning, advice on the correct method should be sought from DAHANA Technical Explosives Specialist located at DAHANA offices, or from the local explosives statutory authority.


DAYAGEL PULSAR is a water resistant packaged explosive designed for both priming applications and as a medium density column explosive in mining, quarrying and general blasting work. emulsion explosive, coupled with the very high detonation velocity of this emulsion explosive, coupled with the robust nature of the product, makes, DAYAGEL PULSAR an ideal primer for the ‘initiation’ of ANFO. It should be noted however, that in applications requiring both high energy output from the primer as well as high detonation velocity, the application of DAYAGEL MAGNUM 3151 may achieve better break out of toe and/or maximize advancement.

The density of DAYAGEL PULSAR enables efficient loading of product in wet holes whilst at the same time enabling fast rising out of the water thereby optimizing loading efficiency and cost per meter of blast hole charged.

Small diameter cartridges of DAYAGEL PULSAR are packed in nylon films which readily split during tamping to maximize coupling and bulk strength within the blast holes.

Intermediate diameter cartridges are packaged in nylon film which resist tearing and maintains the dimensional stability of the cartridge to ensure it remains intact for rising out of water. Where slumping is required to maximize coupling and bulk strength within the blast hole the packaging can be slit.

DAYAGEL PULSAR is highly water resistant and will detonate reliably under heads of water up to 150 m, making this explosive suitable for most underwater blasting applications.