DANFO (Dahana Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil) is a non cap sensitive free flowing explosives based on Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil, manufacture by PT Dahana.

This type of explosive is commonly known as ANFO, suitable for relative dry blast holes of open pits and underground blasting.
DANFO is used as an industrial explosives and ensure safety, ease of handling and much more economic to use than any of conventional explosives.


DANFO is a blasting agent and not sensitive to initiation by a detonator no 8, suitable for charging in the relatively dry blast holes of open pits and underground blasting.

While DANFO has a very low mechanical impact sensitivity. This impact insensitivity criterion is a very important safety feature.
If DANFO remnants are to be destroyed by burning, advice on the correct method should be sought from DAHANA Engineering Center or from the local explosives statutory authority.


DANFO is suitable for charging in the dry blast holes and will remain dry until initiation.
Designed to deliver high energy and used as a column charge in open pits and underground mining, quarrying and general blasting work where water is not present.

DANFO is blasting agent and will deliver maximum energy and efficiency when initiated by a High Detonation Pressure solid booster.
The recommended priming methods for DANFO are either a cap sensitive Emulsion Explosives such as Dayagel Series or Nitroglycerine based explosives.

DANFO can be loaded in relatively dry drill holes using a pneumatic loader or poured directly from the bag.

Priming Requirements

All DABEX/ANFO Blends are formulated to be non-detonator sensitive products and require a minimum 400 gr TNT/PETN cast primer.
Two primers per hole are recomended for deep holes or where the charge colums may have been disrupted.

Detonating cord downlines are not recommended.

If detonating cord is used, double priming at the top and bottom of the explosive column should be employed for column lengths greater that 5 metres.

Sleeping Time

DABEX and ANFO Blends will sleep in dry holes for up to three months.

The product will sleep in wet holes for up to 30 days provided there is relatively little dynamic water flow through the geological strata.
Since product performance is dependent on factors such as, but not limited to, hole diameter, priming conditions, ground water and product density, DAHANA personnel should be consulted if unusual conditions exist.

First Aid

DABEX and ANFO Blends are considered to be practically non-harmful, unless absorbed in large amounts.


Explosives are dangerous and can cause personal injury and damage to property if used incorrectly.

All explosives must be handled, stored and used in accordance with explosives regulations.