PT DAHANA or “DAHANA” is a State-owned Enterprise (SOE), member of the Defense Industry Holding (DEFEND ID) engaged in high energy materials that provides integrated explosives services for the General Mining, Quarry and Construction, Oil and Gas, and Defense sectors.

DAHANA’s historical roots as a pioneer in the industry can be traced back to 1966, when the Indonesian government, through the Indonesian Air Force (AURI), implemented a project named Proyek Menang (Menang Project) in Tasikmalaya, West Java.
Later in 1973, the project was formally changed into a public company based on the government regulation No. 36/1973 before it was changed to a limited company (PT) in 1991.

DAHANA Business Lines continues to develop, including: Explosive Manufacturing, Drilling & Blasting, Related Services, and Defence Related for customers in Indonesia and the ASEAN Region.

DAHANA’s products and services are used every day by various industries in Indonesia, from general mining sector, either metal, mineral, or coal; quarry and construction sectors such as cement, asphalt and andesite excavation; construction projects such as dams, tunnels, irrigation, old building demolition, and harbour deepening; oil and gas sectors such as oil well casing perforation, seismic operations, and also military operations.

As a pioneer in the blasting industry with reliable reputation as an explosive manufacturer and comprehensive blasting service provider, DAHANA meets all stages of blasting process.

In its era of transformation, DAHANA is currently determined to serve the nation better than before and become a partner to the government in developing the country’s defence industry.



  • To be a leading national industry in the field of energetic materials by providing highly competitive and environmentally friendly goods and services.
  • To fulfill commercial explosive needs and their applications services for mining and construction sectors.
  • To Encourage the technology excellence through the development of human resources and strategic partnership with customers and suppliers.
  • To carry out the government programs and missions in the fields and business goals.

Besides having four line of business; Explosives Manufacturing, Drilling & Blasting, Related Services, and Defence Related, Dahana serves three segmentation of business: the first, General Mining Division giving the services for General Mining sector such as coal, gold and nickel; the second, Quarry & Construction Division serving the quarry mining segment for instance the Andesite, cement, Granite quarry, and also construction purposes for example the development of tunnel, highway, port, and electricity installation; the third, Oil & Gas Division for servicing the sector of Oil & Gas by offering perforation and seismic explosives services including other related services e.g. the explosives mobilization and licensing.

DAHANA’s products and services are advantaged by a variety of industries in Indonesia, ranging from general mining, quarry and construction, oil, gas and defense. DAHANA also assigns its manufacturing plant within the mining location called On Site Plant (OSP) under the support of Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT) which is DAHANA’s piece of innovation to improve our clients operational effectiveness and productivity. In addition to domestic market, DAHANA’s products are also exported to Canada, Oman, Egypt, China, Qatar, Australia, ASEAN countries and other countries.








In support to our business reposition towards services provided under the concept of Total Solution aligned to the top priority of State-owned Enterprises Ministry, the role of Human Resources Development (HRD) becomes vital for achievement of business success.

Our HRD targets have been confirmed for the next five years in which 50% of Dahana’s best talents in BOD-1 can be assigned to the talent pool of SOE’s Ministry.
In 2021, the Company’s targets in view of organization and human resources perspectives among others are improvement of employee’s
productivity and competence by means of :

1. Improvement of Employee’s Productivity.
2. Human Resources Development programs based of that required by the SOE’s Ministry or the Company’s internal program, suchas fulfilment if certification for work competence, leadership development, business strategy and individual development.
3. Sustainable human resource development system (workload analysis, improvement of performance management system and talent management).

The size of human resources by education at the end of 2021 is 1,052 consisting of 258 permanent employees and 537 project permanent employees, 167 outsourced employees and 90 daily contract employees.



Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) have developed and adopted a uniform basic value. The basic value is called AKHLAK, an acronym for Indonesian words of values Amanah, Kompeten, Harmoni, Loyal, Adaptif and Kolaboratif


1. Amanah – Trustful (holding trust firmly)

- Fulfill promises and commitments

- Responsible for tasks, decisions and actions taken

- Adhere to moral and ethical values


2. Kompeten - Competent (continuing to learn and develop personal capabilities)

- Improve self-competence to respond to ever-changing challenges

- Help others to learn

- Complete tasks with the best quality


3. Harmoni – Harmonious (developing mutual care and respect diversities)

- Respect everyone regardless of background

- Happy to help others

- Build conducive work environment


4. Loyal- Loyal (dedicating to and prioritizing the interests of the nation and state)

- Maintain good reputation of fellow employees, leaders, SOEs and the state

- Ready to sacrifice to achieve a bigger goal

- Obey the leaders as long as their conducts are not against the law and ethics


5. Adaptif - Adaptive (continuing to innovate and get enthusiastic in responding to or in dealing with changes)

- Quickly adapt for better results

- Constantly make improvements to catch up with technological developments

- Proactively take actions


6. Kolaboratif - Collaborative (building synergistic cooperation)

- Provide opportunities for others to contribute

- Open for collaborative working to generate added values

- Make optimum use of various resources for common goals